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Evaluation Process and Timeline

Depending on the time of year, it typically takes 3 to 4 weeks to schedule an evaluation. If it is not one of the busier times (e.g., April, May and June), an evaluation can often be scheduled within 2 weeks.

Our process involves the following:
  • Initial phone conference to discuss your specific concerns about your child and what you hope to achieve through a learning evaluation
  • Analysis of prior testing. This also includes reviewing grades and current teacher concerns
  • Assessment of your child. The amount of time needed varies. There are several different levels of evaluations, each of which involve a different time line:
  • For a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation, testing takes approximately 6 hours (4 hours for children in early elementary school). The evaluation takes place over two separate mornings in order to get the optimal performance from your child. Several short breaks are given during the morning.
  • For a cognitive battery only, the evaluation takes approximately 2 and 1/2 hours and is completed in one morning.
  • An academic evaluation only takes approximately 3-4 hours. Testing usually can be done in one day, with a break provided for lunch.
  • Conference to discuss the test findings and recommendations. This can take place in our office or at school with your child's teacher(s) or relevant personnel present. We review your child's specific learning strengths and weaknesses, including the Learning Profile we've developed, and "next step" recommendations are provided. This conference typically takes place within 7 days following the evaluation.
  • Comprehensive narrative report is provided to the parents, who then determine those people with whom they would like to share the report. This might be a tutor, learning specialist or classroom teacher. This report is typically provided within 3-4 weeks of the parent conference.
We are just so relieved to finally understand what we can do"
                                                              --  Parent, Mountain View High School