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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you test students from both private and public schools?
Yes, but most of our clients are from private school because they do not have the benefit of a school psychologist. When we evaluate children from the public school sector, it is to provide parents with a greater understanding of their child's learning abilities and difficulties, and to suggest ways to help them in school. The conference can be held at the school, although parents should be aware that only results from evaluations administered by their school psychologists can determine eligibility for services.

Do I have to have the conference at my child's school?
No. This decision is entirely up to you. We can meet in our office to discuss the evaluation results or at your child's school with his classroom teacher(s) present.  We usually recommend that we meet with the appropriate personnel at your child's school because it is a very effective forum for discussing your child's strengths and weaknesses and establishing appropriate classroom modifications and accommodations. However, results and recommendations are detailed in the summary report and can be given to the teacher or school to review.

Who gets to see the report?
Again, this is up to the parent. You have hired us and thus you are the one provided with the report. However, it may be helpful or necessary to pass along a copy to the classroom teacher or specialists who are working with your child.

Do you test on Saturdays?
No. Weekends are carefully kept as family time.  However, we often can test during school holidays and summer.

Can you test my child after school?
We generally avoid this.  The evaluation is often tiring for youngsters and to ensure their optimal performance, it is better to schedule testing over two mornings.

How long do I have to wait to get the report?
You will receive the written report within 4 weeks of the parent conference. However, the parent conference is typically scheduled within one week of testing, and you will receive all the recommendations and results verbally at that time.

How do I communicate the findings to my child?
This typically comes from the evaluator, during and immediately following the evaluation. How in-depth this is depends on the age of the student. We try to be very specific with them about their strengths and areas of weaknesses that we have found in the evaluation. Our goal is to build their self-esteem with positive feedback, while giving them an understanding of their difficulties and tools and strategies to improve their learning.

Will my insurance company pay for this evaluation?
We do not accept insurance.   Payment is due at the time of the evaluation.  Please feel free to request a multiple payment plan if that would be helpful.

What do I say to my child about why he is going through an evaluation?
Keep your explanation short and positive. You want to tell your child that you are pursuing this evaluation in order to understand their learning strengths as well as any areas that may be weak and need attention. Let them know that lots of kids get this kind of testing and that the results will be used to make school less difficult for them and will allow them to be more successful.

"Our daughter came away from your testing on 'Cloud 9'…She felt great about the things you told her she's good at!"
-- Los Gatos Christian Schools parent